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Dean's Introduction

Dean's Introduction

    Under the trend of free and internationalized period of the whole world, Taiwan  has always been dedicated making its own way toward becoming the crucial international financial spot of Asian Pacific Area. College of Finance and Banking focuses on the combination of theory and practice. We have professional faculties who are integrated and forward-looking in helping cultivate all-round and well-trained financial professionals who are able to meet macro-regional financial development.  
    In order to strengthen the combination of professional financial fields, college of finance and banking has become the very first independent professional academy of our country in 2004. As for the departments, we have Department of Money and Banking, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Department of Finance, and Department of Accounting and Information System including three Master Programs. The Graduate School of Finance and Banking has started to recruit students since 2007, and the Ph.D. program was established in 2008.Cultivating high-quality researchers who are able to meet the demands of the main industries development.  
    Our faculties all graduated from outstanding schools both in Taiwan or any other countries, 96.4% of them hold a Ph.D. degree and all of them are well-experienced in terms of practices. They also have steady abilities in terms of conducting academic research. According to performance analysis for the research contribution of the various colleges and universities in the important international financial academic journals in our country conducted by Sen-Lin Chang and Wei-Mao Hong in 2005, we were ranked as the fifth one in terms of the research performance in the international top financial journals during the period from 1999 to 2004. We only came after NCU, NTU, Fu-ren Catholtic University and NCCU. We were ranked as No.6 for the research performance in the international core financial journals, and the ranking was only after NCCU, NCU, Yuan-Ze, CCU and NTU. We were ranked as No.32 in the Asian Pacific Area. The result may simply indicate that the academic performance of our professors has been widely recognized. As for the future, we not only hope that all of our professors will actively pursue the duty of finance education so we would be able to cultivate more financing managing professionals for our country but also fulfill the goal of establishing an outstanding vocational school which is able to meet the need of industries.