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Goal of the college


Goal of the college

  1. Organizational development

 Actively help the department of Risk Management and Insurance or the department of Finance develop the four-year academic programs.

 We make the most of the policy of the instructor amount control, so we may found a department of various kinds of master programs or departments which are able to meet key development fields.

 We encourage our departments to establish academic or research centers with their own features.

 We promote the output of vocational education, and the plans of continuing education in China. 

        2. Professionalized program design 

 Fundamental and cross-appeal courses for cross-department students.

 We encourage multimedia and the Internet associated courses.

 We encourage all of our departments to have whole-English instruction courses.

 Enhance the research field classification of out Ph.D. programs, entrance exams, course plans, quality exams and the graduation requirements.

 Promote the dual degree programs with foreign schools. 

  3. Raise academic environment


 Set the regulations to encourage and reward professors with outstanding academic performance, and encourage their own journal publishing.

 We encourage our departments to work together to hold academic seminars.

 We encourage our departments to work with foreign schools together to promote the interactions of academy 


  4. Strengthen the collaboration between school and industries

 We encourage our professors to participate academic or industry evaluation activities in other schools, so they would be able to broaden the interactions toward departments and people.

 We help promote collaboration plans between schools and industries of the research centers from all the departments in our school

 We help the Innovation and Incubation Center and the Center for Industry and Academia Collaboration Center enhance their function of consolation, and offer the services of consulting the industries. 

  5. Enhance our admission

 We encourage our departments to have recruitment activities, and professional training workshops, so we would be able to raise the department rankings.

 We have college advertisement designing activities to promote our departments.

 We actively develop the relationship with vocational high schools for many of our target students were from those schools. 

  6. Students’ career training

 We promote the “Last Mile” program plans to boost our students’ competitiveness in the job markets.

 We focus on students’ job hunting abilities, and we have been working hard to investigate how they search their jobs.

 We encourage students to obtain certificates so it would be helpful in terms of boosting their working abilities

 We build the bridge to help alumni contact and communicate with each other. 

  7. Boost the effectiveness of service

 We shorten the time for the professors’ promotion review, and simplify the process of promotion which indicates how active we are in helping professors promote.

 We review how we used our own teaching space, and actively strive for more new space so we would effectively deal with the problems of lacking of enough space.

 We wisely devote the funds to subscribe academic journals and databases to effectively create a good environment for study and services.

 We effectively manage our college computer lab for all the departments in our college to make the most use of our facilities. 

  8. Create lovely atmosphere

 We hold recreational and competitive activities to enhance the interactions among departments.

 To enhance the relationship between professors and students, we hold activities with specialties.

 We encourage teachers and students create a lovely environment together by holding green environment designing activities.