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Our Features



Under the situation that our country is eager to promote the fundamental development of technology, and the trend of knowledge economy, our college owns the most complete financial educational programs of the vocational education in Taiwan. We aim to cultivate financial professionals with international perspectives, open-mind and innovate concepts, and they are able to conduct the research of financial knowledge and services. Our college will become the hall of academe most students are eager to attend. We also work hard to interact with industries, so we may be highly recommended by those who work in the industries in our society. We have built the foundation to collaborate with industries, and we have some great achievements.

The features of our college in terms of teaching, research and services are as followed:



1. Teaching:


 Our faculties have practical working experiences, and they are able to fulfill the goal of vocational education by helping students put what they have learned into real use.

 To boost our students’ competitiveness in the job market, we encourage them to take professional certificates.

 We have professional laboratories for all of our departments, and we provide multimedia teaching materials to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

 We promote sandwich intern courses both during the semesters and summer vacations to help our students learn more about the working environments.

 To promote vocational education and internationalization, some of our courses are whole English lectures. 


2. Research:


 We hold academic seminars on a regular basis to strengthen the interactions of academic experiences.

 We encourage professors to actively participate academic research activities by setting the regulations to reward those who have published articles on the academic journals.

 As for the research fields of securities, finance, risk management, financial operations, money management, financial engineering, accounting and information and collaboration with industries, all of our departments are building their own features little by little. 


3. Services: 


We have already set the regulations about professors temporarily provide services in enterprises, and reward their pursuing of further education in any other enterprises founded by both governments or private companies. We encourage our professors and industries to build sound interactions. We provide master credit programs, actively build up continuing education. By having these achievements, we aim to recruit excellent financial professionals to attend our EMBA, so we may further develop the opportunities of collaboration between industries and we.

Promoting the partner relationship with industries indicates how active we are in terms of building close relationship with enterprises. 



As for the next step, our goal would be promoting each department to form their own features, each professor to build up their own professional fields, and students to cultivate their individual skills. We aim to qualitative change into a distinguished and outstanding college. That way, we may become the very top choice for people to consult financial issues, and our graduates may become hot professionals for companies or industries.