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Future goals

Future Goals


We aim to meet the demands of industries, cultivate excellent financial professionals, and become one of the best vocational academies in Taiwan.

   The future plans of our college are as followed:


Integration synergy:

    We combine relevant researching professionals and teaching resources from our college to help us set educational programs and research centers which are cross-departments and meet the demands of modern society. So we can make the most of the whole competitiveness of our college.
  Developing new educational systems:
    With the view that there are fewer and fewer five-year junior colleges existing, and the increasing of comprehensive high schools, we are going to transfer all of our departments into four-year programs.
  Enhancing our professions:
    Due to the situations that the work of academic studies has been divided into more detailed perspectives and that may cause the differences among academic professions in the field of finance grow bigger. We plan to develop the Ph.D. programs for each specific academic field to help maintain the completeness of higher education.
  Long-distance education:
    To meet the development of technology and the needs from society, we offer long-distance courses and interactional educational courses on the Internet which are able to diversify the learning and educational methods.
  Collaboration with schools:
    We promote the collaborations with enterprises and school both in Taiwan and other countries to boost our level and visibility. In addition, we consider working with other vocational colleges of management in order to combine cross-school resources and collaboration.

Academic interaction:

    We eager to strive for the opportunities to exchange our students with relevant departments of international famous universities, and they are able to learn new knowledge and skills during their vacations. We boost the academic performance and influences from each of our departments worldwide, so we may attract more exchange students from foreign countries and raise their qualities.